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Looking for a partner to invest in real estate? How about me your real estate agent? How about working with an agent with some skin in the game? If I also own the property with you, my interests are perfectly aligned with yours. You can count on me to be there to make sure my investment (as well as yours) is performing perfectly. 
I'll put down 10% of the down payment and take care of the property as if it were my own (which it will be). You put down the remained 90%. We invest in real estate together and we help each other in the process. 
For example, say we bought a $300,000 condo with 20% down. I’ll provide the $6,000 and you provide the $54,000. We jointly hold the property until we decide to sell. 
Why won’t I go 50/50 on a property with you? Well I want some skin in the game, but I also only have so much resources to go around. I can’t invest all my available funds with 1 partner otherwise I won’t be able to partner with a second person and help them build a real estate portfolio. I can contribute more but I will need to consider each case separately if its more than 10%. Also you don't necessarily need 20% down. I have situations where a few people pool their funds together to invest in one property. Regardless, if you are interested in something like this its worth a chat. 
What do you get with my 10%? Well, along with my share of the downpayment, you also get my professional management around the clock. But here is what you get when you know my money is invested alongside yours: I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure you succeed because if you fail, we both fail. I won’t let that happen. We will invest in great properties and have great tenants. My goal is not to stop there. My goal is to make sure you succeed so we can invest in more properties and create a portfolio for future income and a stress free retirement. 
Real Estate investment simplified works like this:
You Buy a property with 20% down,
You Pay the bank the mortgage
The tenant pays you rent which covers the mortgage plus property tax, condo fees, etc.
If the rent is higher than the costs (mortgage, property tax & condo fees) than you have positive cash flow - A Good Thing.
As you pay your mortgage, your mortgage amount goes down, which means you own more of the property. So with every rent payment, you pay the bank the interest and pay yourself the rest. The rest is called the principle and paying down your mortgage is A Good Thing.
Now the traditional idea of investing is that the actual investment must go up. Well as time passes, your property will increase in value. Now this is a long term investment so over 5, 10, or 20 years you might see some ups and downs but it will most likely increase at or above the rate of inflation. The Bank of Canada's inflation target is 2%. This is a very conservative rate of increase. - A Good Thing
You get to reduce your taxable income by writing off expenses you incurred while investing in real estate. This reduces the amount of taxes you pay. A Good Thing.
In summary, Positive Cash Flow, paying down the Mortgage, Increase in Market value, reducing the taxes you pay is the name of the game.
Call or text me to chat about a possible partnership. 

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