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Sometimes new home buyers are so caught up in finding the "perfect" home, that they spend countless hours/days over analyzing and looking at each and every possible option, often passing over very good properties. They get so worried about making the right choice, that they actually never make a choice. 

I feel like homes need to be treated like relationships. Hollywood has glamorized the whole relationship scene with things like "one true love", and "the one", but if you think of the billions of people in the world, surely there are multiple "the ones" out there, just nobody wants to admit it and break that fantasy of "the one". 

Let's step back and thinkg about this for a bit, how has the dating scene evolved? We have sites like E-Harmony and Plenty of Fish for dating now which promote an individual based on his/her stats and pictures - does it remind you of anything? *Ahem* *ahem*

I think this is very analogous to how we search houses and properties now. When you date and look at profiles, you usually have some non-negotiables, and we'll use me as an example: "Female", "Teeth", "Not crazy". Everything else is gravy! Let's date! I don't have all day she's a catch! Someone else is gonna pick her up soon!

When you look at a house you should really create a set of non-negotiables: "2 Bedroom, oversized balcony, parking, large kitchen counter space", things of real importance to you (or so you think). If you find something, and you have an attraction for it, go for it!

Yes, it may not work out, and yes, you may realize that your non-negotiables such as oversized balcony isn't all that important, but you are not committed to this property for life! How many people do you know buy a house and live there for the rest of their life? How many people do you know marry their first bf/gf? It happens, but certainly it is not the majority. You know what's great though? A house is not a person. So if it doesn't work out , you can always just sell it, or rent it out! Legally!

Get a good real-estate agent, let them do the background checks, the homework, the market comparisons so that you're not truly diving head first into a big decision. But don't let the thought that the perfect house is out there hold you back...sometimes you have to go through a couple duds to realize the perfect one when it's time.

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