Moody Shoe Master to the Rescue

Our German Shepherd Uli loves high heel shoes. Especially any priced over $300! Imagine our dismay when she recently decided to chew a pair of these expensive shoes! (Notice the heel in photo below)

This is the 3rd trip we have made to our favourite shoe repair shop in White Rock: Moody Shoe Master. They do amazing repairs at a most reasonable cost, and with a dog who loves shoes as much as Uli does, that’s a great business to have in our neighbourhood!

If you need someone to repair any of your shoes, don’t hesitate to call them at (604) 541-0230. They are conveniently located at 1525 Johnston Road in White Rock. We thought these shoes were destroyed. Lucky for my wife Lorelei and Uli, we have Moody Shoe Master.

Eric Holm

Eric Holm

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