How To Calculate The Cost For Installing A New Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is usually the focal point of the kitchen. It is a beautiful addition to any kitchen's interior design. It not only acts as a slick dinning table like bar area, it also adds storage and counter space to a small kitchen.  Adding a kitchen island definitely adds value to your home. If you would like to know the cost for instaling a new kitchen island to your place, here Simona from Homedit shows how to calculate the cost.


How To Calculate The Cost For Installing A New Kitchen Island

by Simona Ganea

The island is an important part of any kitchen’s interior design. It’s the element that usually sits in the center and around which the whole décor gets organized. It’s also usually the focal point of the kitchen. So when you want to change the atmosphere in the kitchen and to update the décor you don’t necessarily have to plan a complete remodel. You can just replace the kitchen island. But the costs for this project are linked to several aspects. It’s important to calculate the cost in order to make sure you remain within budget and to also estimate some of the other aspects.

Determine the size

The size of the kitchen island you wish to purchase is an important factor that will determine the overall cost for the project. But before you choose the size, decide where you want the island to be placed and measure the space. Besides the size, also take into consideration the shape. This way you’ll have the parameters to look for when searching for the perfect island.

The features

The kitchen island is a multifunctional piece of furniture and it can incorporate lots of different features. So decide what you want to use it for and which features it should include. For example, you might want the island to simply be a storage unit or you might want it to also serve as a bar or breakfast space or to incorporate a sink, a cooktop or some other features. as you make the list of features, calculate the costs for each one.

Additional costs for the project

Even if you decide that replacing the kitchen island should be a DIY project, there are some features that will probably require you to seek professional help. For example, they can be related to the services of an electrician, plumber or even a designer. These costs have to be taken into consideration as well. Construction costs include the cost of materials and labor or professional services. Then there are also the miscellaneous costs for all those features that don’t exactly fit in any category plus any unplanned or unexpected costs


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