Protect Your Family From Fire And Carbon Monoxide

Do you know everything you need to know about fire and carbon monoxide safety? Take this short home safety quiz  from to test your knowledge: 


Home Safety Quiz:

Protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide

1. Smoke and CO alarms last forever whether hardwired, plug in or battery powered.   [ T ]     [ F ]

2. CO alarms must be installed on the ceiling, like smoke alarms.   [ T ]     [ F ]

3. There are two types of smoke alarms, each with different sensing technology.   [ T ]     [ F ]

4. There is dangerous radiocative material in smoke alarms.   [ T ]     [ F ]

5. It is illegal to throw out a smoke or CO alarm into the regular garbage.  [ T ]     [ F ]

6. Having working smoke alarms increases your chance of escaping a fire by 50 per cent.

7. On average, you have less than three minutes to escape a fire before it reaches 'flashover'.  [ T ]     [ F ]

8. You need to rewire your home if you want to install interconnected smoke alarms - when one rings they all ring.  

     [ T ]     [ F ]



1.   F -- Replace smoke alarms every 10 years and CO alarms every seven years.

2.   F -- The deadly gas mixes with air, so an alarm can be installed at any height.

3.  T -- Ionization alarms are best for kitchen areas.

4.  F --  While ionization smoke alarms do have a small radioative component in its sensor, you get 500 times more radiation from eating vegetables than you do from a smoke alarm in a whole year.

5.  F -- Homeowners may safely dispose of personal use smoke alarms, up to 10 at one time, in their regular garbage stream. In british Columbia, there is a pilot recycling program underway in conjunction with all smoke alarm manufacturers.

6.  T -- Studies prove it. Install one on every level and inside bedrooms if you sleep with the doors closed.

7.  T -- Many factors, including the materials used in home furnishings, have reduced average time to escape from over 10 minutes to less than three minutes.

8.  F -- Some models are wireless and interconnected so they can be installed in older homes with no expensive rewiring required. 



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