Staging Well Vs. Staging Basic

 A well-staged home makes a big difference  in terms of selling it. It provides you with superior results and benefits. Let's hear what Nancy Hoag, Eltie Stager and owner of ALLDECOR Staging &Design has to say.

Staging Well VS. Staging Basic

Written By Nancy Hoag

Is there a difference between staging well versus staging basic? Indeed! Investing the time, work, and money to created a well-staged listing transfroms the ordinary into extraordinary, providing superior results and more benefits than basic staging ever will.

Comparing Apples to Apples
Let's compare apples to apples. Two Houses were staged for market recently by two different stagers. In the first house, the seller's existing furniture was used together with a plethora of additional art, accessories, and linens for all the main rooms. The comparable house, three doors west with the exact same floor plan, in the exact same condition on the market, for the exact same price, was "staged basic" using mainly the seller's existing items with a few additional accessories. The following results prove the point. There is no comparison!

House one was listed October 16, 2012 for $550,000. Sellers did not want to invest in staging- they wanted to see if it would sell without staging. After losing two impoartant months of marketing and first impressions, the real estate agent decided to pay for the staging to ensure a sale vs. potentially lose a listing. He had never worked with a stager before so I had to impress the seller and Realtor that staging really does work. On December 1, 2012 it was staged and it sold December 20 for $540, 000. That's ninetten days after staging and only $10,000 not realized plus the opportunnity to sell at a higher price.

Houses two was listed a week after house one, October 22 also for $550,000. It did not sell AT ALL and in January the property was taken off the market.


Before After
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Why the Difference? Two Rooms with Quite Different Views?

The Living Room
The seller had recently decorated and was very pround of what was accomplished. Even so the color palette was a problem for selling: mustard-yellow drapes, red and mustard-yellow art, pink-beige walls, and orange wood coffee tables-too many colors for effective selling. Working with neutral colours, textures, and accessories within the same colour palette creates a well-thought-out room that flows together.

A second concern was the lack of lighting throughout the house. One of the most important and easiest ways to freshen up any room is lighting. Brightening up the space makes it feel fresh, clean, airy, happy, and energized, like that warm feeling that sweeps over you when you first open your windows blinds and let in the beautiful sunshine-ahhh...

 Changing the drapes-one of the biggest differences-created an 'anyone would love to live here' look and feel. To maximize the budget, the existing pink-beige wall color and orangetoned coffee and end tables had to say. Adding more neutral tones with green accents minimized the contrast to produce a calming space. Scaled table lamps were added, providing much needed light and interest. A neutral rug created a cozy sitting area and extra care was taken to make the room appear larger by careful placement of furniture.

Properly Staging Rooms
Media and TV have upped the selling game. Basic staging, even with thought and vision, wil most likely yield poor results, low seller satisfaction, and low referrals. If client satisfaction, lower days on market, and higher profits are your goals, take the time to plan, discuss, draft, draw, and redo designs for that high-end, well-done staging difference.

The Three Cs: Connect, Create, and Conjure

1. Connect Buyers to a Home

Connect to the buyer's emotions. Buyers may be looking for a house, but ultimately what they want is a home. Art and accessories make this connection. Invoking this response doesn't happen by accident in staging; it is a creative process and takes expertise. Simply placing a lamp on an end table, or adding a statue or a plant does not create an emotional response. Accessories and art add depth and interest but have to be chosen with care and strategy.

2. Create Urgency

"This home will sell fast" is what every seller, agent, broker, and stager wants to hear. Generate a sense of urgency. Neutralize the decor. Building interest with select accessories and art. Transfrom a house into a home that everyone can imagine living in. Strive to send a message of lifestyle, somewhat like a model home.

3. Conjure a Vision

Buyers only know what they see. If the staging doesn't show buyers the potential of the room, they won't realize it. Great Staging wil create the vision for them. Go beyond the paint color and size of the room to draw sellers in. Effecftive staging represents what the buyer can accomplish with the right tools. For example, a room will apprear small if buyers see only four chairs around the dining table instead of six. Consider some of these additional tips to help buyers imagine a finished project:

  • Carefully balance color, texture, and height throughout the home
  • Use larger lamps to add interest and create a hihg-end look
  • Place an area rug in the living area or under a bed to create a cozy, warm feeling

A world of Difference

Stagers make a difference. Be a visionary; take the time to select a stager with the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to stage well, transforming an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. Ultimately these efforts will result in long-term benefits for both you and the home seller.



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