The 5 Elements of Cabana Cool

Majority of Canadians love to stay in a tropical resort when they are on vocation.  Do you know that you can create a tropical resort hotel style in your backyard as well? Seriously??? yes!!  HGTV shows you how to make a "Cabana Cool" in your backyard without going abroad. 

Look at this week's weather, feels like we are going to have a hot hot Summer!! Why not just catch up this hot Summer, make your own "Cabana Cool" and enjoy your tropical weather.


The 5 Elements of Cabana Cool

By: Nadine Anglin



It's a familiar vacation fantasy: lounging by the pool on a lazy afternoon at a tropical resort hotel without a care in the world. Now the reality: stuck in your messy yard with overgrown weeds and last year's not-so-new-looking patio furniture. Whether you're working with a small city patio or a large suburban backyard, you can create a lavish, sleek outdoor escape. We call it "cabana cool" and here are the five elements that make up this sleek, chic look.


Stylish Shade Solutions

Sun bathing has its charms, but if there's one thing cabana cool is the champion of, it's a comfortable, cool cover to relax beneath. After all, a real cabana is in fact a structure built in tropical countries designed to keep you shaded and comfortable out on the beach. To keep the blazing Canadian summer sun off your back, erect an awning over your deck or better yet, buy a gazebo. You can purchase inexpensive gazebos at garden centres for under $200 and they can be put up in a weekend. You'll instantly give your outdoor space two crucial areasone for socializing and one for relaxation. However, don't even think about putting a traditional six-seater dining set underneath. This brings us to the next important element of cabana cool...


Comfortable Lounging Areas

Chaise loungers are the name of the game, because… well, they have their purpose written right into their name! Vacation retreats are about taking life easy and to create that same feeling in your own at-home retreat, spend your money on comfortable loungers with adjustable backs for reading, snacking and gazing hazily into the summer night sky. Before you drift off into an imaginary world of oversized patio furniture, keep your space in mind. If you're working with a small space, you may only have room for two loungers and perhaps a cushioned bench for extra seating. If space allows, consider buying pieces that can be used in more than one way, such as a chair and ottoman that can be joined together to create a lounger when needed. With the innovation in outdoor furniture you can get pieces that mimic the look of your indoor space and feature all-weather fabric for care-free style. However, if you're on a budget choose simple pieces, preferably in white or other neutrals and use colour in accessories such as flowers and planters.


A Water Feature

Water is a consistent element in cabana-style, because having the water right at the foot of your lounging space is truly a luxury usually reserved for those who live in beach or tropical environments. However, even if you don’t have the space or budget for an actual pool, a water feature of some sort will provide a nice visual appeal and the sun bouncing off of the gentle waves and ripples will lend a relaxing atmosphere. A simple water fountain, either a free-standing one or one you attach to the wall, is budget-friendly and provides a soothing background noise. Fountains are a breeze to put upall you need is an electrical outlet to keep the pump continuously flowing the water out, in and back out again. Garden ponds are another great way to add a water feature. Make it the centrepiece of your backyard and opt for a stone surround to reinforce the cabana look.


Soft Lighting

It's a fact: everyone looks better by candlelight! Creating your lavish resort-look will require equally stylish lighting options. Just like when decorating your indoor space, remember decorating your outdoor space is never sufficient with just one light source. It can be as simple as a few votives in glass containers surrounding the pool or larger outdoor lights placed in each corner of the space that will wash the entire space with a soft glow. Electric candles are a great option because they're safer than traditional candles and last a lot longer. You can find electric candles them at decor shops in simple, modern styles. Use them to highlight areas of the backyard, such as one by each lounger, a few around the pool and perhaps a couple grouped together along a path to the house.


Natural Touches

Tall plants with large leaves are your best bet when creating this tropical-inspired look. The great thing is you won't need a lot of them to make a big impact. You can fill out your space with smaller plants and flowers in bright rich tropical colours such as deep pinks and reds, purples and blues. Opt for large terracotta pots and other natural materials such as bamboo for the other accents in your space. If you're stuck with a concrete deck try this trick: purchase wood slat tiles and cover the entire floor leaving a gap between the wood and the railings. Fill this space with pebbles or riverbed rocks for an easy, no-fuss, custom look.


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