The history of Toronto in photos

Toronto is one of Canada's biggest cities and is rated as "the most multicultural city in the world".  There are always people from different places come and live in Toronto or invest in Toronto, which keeps it rapidly growing. Have you wondered the history of Toronto since the early 1900's. Check out the article below from Derek Flack.


The history of Toronto in photos

Posted by Derek Flack


History of Toronto photos

The history of Toronto in photos is a post I've been toying with putting together for a while. Having spent considerable time digging through the digital holdings of the Toronto Archives, it just seemed to make sense to pull all of these various posts together into one place — hence the ambitious title. This is not, of course, an authoritative history of this city (far from from it), but the 90 some odd posts linked to below provide a thematically organized visual overview of Toronto that I hope will be worth a return visit or two for those interested in the city of yesteryear. I also have every intention of adding to this little archive as additional historical posts are published on the site.

The vast majority of the photographs featured below derive from the Toronto Archives, which means that should you see something that you really like, it's probably available for purchase from the source. For those interested in a less visually oriented take on Toronto history, there is also our Nostalgia Tripping series, which was designed to be a bit more about storytelling than just the photos.

After having scanned the links below, should you have ideas for other posts that you'd like us to pursue, I'd be grateful for the feedback/suggestions. Here is our ongoing history of Toronto in photos.

Lost Toronto
Toronto History


Toronto history TTC


Toronto History grocery stores


Streets and intersections
Toronto History Streets


Structures and buildings
Toronto History Bloor Viaduct


Non-TTC transportation

Toronto History Taxicab


Places / Neighbourhoods
Toronto History Islands


Vintage Toronto
Toronto History computers


Toronto History Pier 6


Art, maps and other documents
Toronto History Painting


It wasn't always so rosy...
Toronto history fire 1904


Toronto aerial


By decade
Toronto History


Other Toronto history resources
Toronto History


Sites worth visiting for historical content

Photos in this post derive from the Toronto Archives with the exception of the painting of a streetcar on Dundas, which is by Michel Binette ("Brush Strokes on Dundas Street" 1979).


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