10 Week Organizing Challenge

If your anything like me, the bigger the space the more stuff we have. We have moved twice in the last 9 years and don't plan on making another move anytime soon, or so we say. I'm a firm believer that if you aren't moving you should still declutter and organize the same way as if you were packing up to move into a new place. 

I found a 10 Week Organizing Challenge that excites me beyond belief! Each week you tackle a different area of your home, I can already feel the weight off my shoulders thinking about having 10 organized spaces in our home!

Check back every week for the next 9 weekly challenges and feel free to tag me in your posts should you be completing the tasks with me!


Week 1: Organizing your command center/office space 

We have all that one spot that all the paperwork goes to just to get it out of the way! The key is to have an ingoing and outgoing system so when your looking for that specific piece of paper you have a better idea where to find it! Below are a few examples depending on the size of space you have available!




As paper work comes in to your house, immediately open it and make a decision about it.

  • Mail: Put all the mail on the "IN" clipboard. Once it's opened make the decision where it goes! If there are important dates to remember now would be the time to write them on the calendar and file appropriately! 

  • Bills: Our favorite part of mail right? If your unable to pay them right away make sure to write down when they are due so you don't forget. Once they are paid if you need them for income tax put them in the "file" bin. It's important to keep up with the file bin so come income tax time you don't have 12 month's of filing to organize.

  • Receipts: Receipts that are needed for tax purposes or that are for major items can be FILED.  If you want to keep receipts for things that you might return or that you feel you need a receipt for then designate a spot to store those so that you don’t have them spread out all over the place. I have a drawer with all our gift cards and receipts of things I may return!


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