Organizing Challenge - Week 3

Entry Way and Mud Room Organization

Step 1: Identify the problem areas

What is working and what is not!

- Do you have overcrowded hooks?

- Where do backpacks and other school stuff go?

- Where are extra coats/mitts/hats/boots

- If you are lucky enough to have a closet in your mudroom what's in it?

Step 2: PURGE

Take everything, and I mean everything out and purge!

Step 3: Think about your WANTS & your NEEDS

- Dedicate a zone for the things you need to get out the door I.e. - Backpacks, shoes, coats etc.

- Have a space to tuck things away that are not in season and you don't use frequently

- Have a space for shoes so they aren't left in the doorway

- A spot to sit down

- A spot for papers so they don't end up lost

Step 4: Think about the best use of space

For me, it's vertical drying racks across from our washer and dryer. I also have 2 spots for our kids to sit and put on their shoes so they aren't right beside each other (but they still fight and get in each other's faces)

We have a locker system so each of us have a bin, a coat rack and shelves above as well as a lower coat rack just for the kids jackets and bags. The coat rack is actually behind the door to the garage when the door is open but works perfect!

Step 5: Put your actions and wish lists to the test


Here is an example of a locker system with the option to build shelves for baskets above

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