Aluminum wiring was used extensively in homes throughout North America between the mid 1960's until the late
1970's, primarily due to the high cost of copper wiring at the time. If buying a home
built during this time period, there is a good chance that it contains aluminum wiring.
But is aluminum wiring safe? The short answer is, yes. It is still in use in many
applications even today, though not in residential branch circuits.
Did you know:
"... Aluminum wiring in residential installations will operate as safely as any
other type of wiring if the proper materials are used and it is installed as per
the manufacturer's instructions and the Ontario Hydro Electrical Safety Code.”
Home buyers and owners are finding that many insurance companies will not provide
or renew insurance coverage on properties with aluminum wiring unless it is
inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of Ontario, and repaired or
replaced as necessary to make it safe. A copy of the inspection certificate will often
need to be provided to the insurer before the property can be insured. In some
cases, the insurer will require replacement of the aluminum wiring with copper wiring,
but this is rare and in most cases not necessary. Check with your insurance
company for their requirements.