Don't take stair safety for granted

The first known use of stairs was in ancient Egypt during the building of the
pyramids. Chances are, some workers back then tripped and fell on them.
Some 3,000 years later, injuries on stairs are still a big problem.
According to the Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, the insurance
cost of injuries from falls on stairs is second only to automobile accidents!
Clearly, it's a bigger problem than most people imagine.
So how do you prevent trips, falls and other mishaps on stairs?
The most common way is to use handrails. In fact, most trips and falls occur
when people aren't able to regain their balance because they are not
holding a handrail.
Another source of accidents are items, such as toys, left on stairs. Some
people have the bad habit of using stairs as a temporary shelf for books,
magazines, mail and other items. That’s not a good idea!
Always be careful when carrying heavy items on stairs. Even an overloaded
laundry basket can be a hazard. If it's too heavy or you can’t see over the
top, it’s too full.
A lot of this is common sense. However, because injuries on stairs are so
prevalent, we need to use our common sense more often.