Preparing for a power outage

Some people can live in their homes for years without ever experiencing a
power outage. In fact, even in areas prone to serious storms or snowfalls,
power loss doesn't happen that often. No wonder so many homeowners are
caught unprepared when it does.
To make sure you're not caught unprepared, follow these tips:
• Replace batteries in unused flashlights every six months.
• Keep candles and matches in a handy place. Monitor them closely
when lit and always blow them out before going to sleep.
• For computers and phones, consider purchasing a power backup.
(Some models provide up to 8 hours of power for two or three
• Know the address of your local fire station and nearest community
centre. These are the most common places to find help during a
power outage.
When the power does go out, make sure the stove is turned off. You don't
want an unattended burner or gas leak when the power finally comes back