Property Staging

Property Staging…
Properly Staged
Homeowners who haven’t listed
their property in recent years may be
surprised and somewhat skeptical of
the advantages of styling or “staging” a
home in order to maximize its resale price.
However, it is a fact that detailing is very
effective. When a professional designer
is enlisted to optimize the appearance of
a home, it leaves a positive impression
on potential buyers. It’s not just about
style. A proper consultation can identify
means of emphasizing a home’s best
assets, such as improving sightlines
with strategic furnishing, or making a
room more welcoming with improved
lighting, a carpet, or an attractive piece
of art. Whether it’s kitchen hardware
replacement, new bathroom décor or a
fresh coat of paint, property staging is a
worthwhile investment. It may require a
bit of work, or may involve renting a few
items, but it is sure to make a home more
attractive to potential buyers.