Protect Your Home While on Vacation

How They Break In

Whether you are preparing to take shelter from the winter weather or visiting family and friends, heading out for vacation can be stressful.  The last thing you need to worry about is what could be happening at home while you are away.  Here are some suggestions to help keep your house safe and your mind on your vacation where it belongs.
There are a tonne of hi-tech options available at all price points, and internet integration has made do it yourself home security easier than ever.  Most modern security cameras have motion and/or sound sensors and infrared technology streaming live video day or night directly to your smart device.  These can be viewed and controlled remotely and many systems include the ability to communicate directly through the device, and may include additional options like weather updates, and wireless control of other hardware like your lights, small appliances, power switches, locks, or to adjust your programmable thermostat.  
Lighting is essential in deterring thieves.  It is a good idea at minimum to have motion sensor exterior lights and interior lights on timers.   Newer technology can mimic your typical lighting habits, or allow you to control lighting options remotely from your smart device.
While there are a great many gadgets, services and apps out there to help out with your home security, the most tried and true approaches are low tech.  Ask a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to keep an eye on the house.  Have them stop by at random times to check in on things, park in your driveway, water your plants and make the house look lived in.  Lock up your valuables.  Place a stop order on your mail and newspaper, and continue your normal outdoor maintenance schedule.  Do not announce your travel schedule on your social network.  The best deterrent for potential thieves is the possibility that someone could be home.  With a friendly eye on your home, you can rest easy and enjoy your vacation.