Work with neighbours to prevent break-in

There are few things more traumatic than a home burglary. That's why it
makes sense to invest in good locks and, if necessary, a good alarm
There are also ways to work with your neighbours to prevent these crimes
from occurring. In fact, police say that watchful eyes are one of the best
ways to deter burglars on the prowl.
Police recommend that you know the names of all the neighbours adjacent
to your property. Get in the habit of watching each other's homes. Stay alert
to cars and people lingering around that don't seem to belong.
Another strategy is to set up a community Facebook page. That way, when
someone sees something suspicious in the neighbourhood, they can
immediately notify everyone by posting a Facebook message.
Finally, don't be a stranger. It has been proven that the better neighbours
know one another, the lower the crime rate is in the area