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Addressing. You.  Your address is important. Being addressed is even more important.

Step #1 - Find the right REALTOR®; the REALTOR® who puts you first.

I will not only help you with your address - whether selling your current one or finding the next one - but equally important, I value your individuality and address your specific needs. As a consummate professional, innovative thinking, and active listener, I guide you to a positive result with honesty, knowledgeable advice, understanding, and exceptional service.

As a CENTURY 21® Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. Transacting the sale or purchase of a home is one of life's biggest events - a time full of hope and excitement, but often accompanied by anxiety and stress as well. My organized and skilled approach from start to beyond the closing, focused action, consistent communication and outstanding client care will relieve you of these negative aspects. My personal knowledge of the local Real Estate market, combined with the power of the CENTURY 21® brand - the most recognized name in real estate today - is all working for you.

Let me assist you in finding your dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for you, and in the price range you want. Or if you are interested in selling a property, I also have the expertise to help you get the fastest sale possible and at the best price.

There are a multitude of things to think about. I am there from A to Z, but never lose focus on U!

Personal Background 

Born to missionary parents in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), Africa, my family moved to the Midwest U.S. where I grew up. I enjoyed all the perks of a small town childhood in the pre-electronics-boom age when everyone knew everyone and neighbours' doors were never locked. Life seemed simpler and the sense of community seemed stronger because of the regularity of ongoing face to face interaction.

When it came time for college, wanting to hold onto the tight-knit community, but ready to broaden my horizons, I chose a small liberal arts college several hours away to study music & education. Music bonds people - whether performing together or between performer & audience - and education appealed to my passion for sharing. I graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Music & Education and taught high school choir for 3 wonderful years.

Performance was an equal passion to teaching, so I moved to Chicago where I was a professional musician and actor for 7 years - a wonderful but challenging life as a struggling artist! I worked in home furnishings sales on the side and was soon recruited by a Chicago real estate developer. My education & performance skills proved highly transferrable - sharing information & connecting with people - and thus began my life in real estate. Community + connection. These have been the cornerstones of my life foundation and I continue to rely on them in both my personal and professional life.

Professional Background 

My professional life in the arts world was amazing and fulfilling, but there's a reason why the term "struggling artist" exists. Your soul is full, but your pockets are empty too often. I was fortunate to begin working with an independent home furnishings retailer in Chicago, Domicile Furniture, to supplement my artistic pursuits. What an education in service this was! With a majority of our business in custom furniture, it was vital that we listened well, paid attention to every detail, set proper expectations and educated clients on the process. As eventual Manager of two Chicago city location, I also was responsible for coordination between our warehouse, vendors. our delivery teams and my sales staff. While working at the store, I helped the Director of Sales & Marketing for a local real estate developer as he shopped for show suite furniture. Just days after his experience, he contacted me and offered an opportunity to work with him.

I began at Dubin Residential as the Director of Interior Finishes, responsible for creating, implementing and running the program for upgrades and customization. I eventually became a Sales Manager for the Shoemaker Lofts project as well. As the real estate market in the U.S. approached the 2008 housing market crash, Dubin Residential halted all new projects and I began selling in the resale market. The timing of my industry's implosion proved strangely perfect however, as I had been in a 4 year relationship with a Canadian who was studying in the U.S. It was a perfect excuse to move our lives to Vancouver.

Knowing only my partner and not knowing the city at all - West Vancouver? Vancouver West? West End? - I decided I didn't have the necessary knowledge or connections to continue in real estate immediately. Though an actor and performer by nature, I am also a stickler for professional integrity and want my clients to receive the high level of service that they deserve and that I expect of myself. I began working for the Flight Centre family of brands, both in their retail division and for their business travel division, Corporate Traveller. This fast paced, highly competitive industry was a great addition to my portfolio of sales work. Although I love travel and met good friends in that work, I kept my eyes on real estate and am excited to be back at it!

Interests - In and Out of Work 

I've already shared my passion for music, performance and people. If each day could simply be great music, inspiring art, and the company of friends and family, I would be a happy man. I take that back - if we  add a scoop of ice cream, then that's perfect.

When I'm not enjoying one of these things, or sometimes in conjunction, you can often find me planning my next trip, playing grass volleyball, hiking the incredible Coastal Mountains trails, camping, walking my dog Bonsai, working out at the YMCA, or supporting the LOUD Business and QMUNITY non-profits. And when I'm not doing these things, I love a good nap.

Resident. Expert. 

My personal community and my professional focus is Downtown Vancouver, Yaletown and the West End.

With this focus, I provide unparalleled service, genuine client connections, and a reputation for surpassing expectations. Organization, communication, leadership, negotiation, design, creativity, confidence and integrity have been, and will continue to be core components of my work.

For me, real estate is all about finding place. While physical instead of hypothetical, finding your right physical place can be vital to your bigger picture of place - along with friends and family, homes are often a piece of the puzzle that give us the foundation and stability we need to plant roots, to be ourselves, to be part of community, to grow.

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Property List

550 Beatty St 4-4, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Beds: 1 / Baths: 2
Living Area: 1,495


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