Keep your home safe during your winter escape

Don't spend your winter escape worrying about your home. Here are 3 easy tips to help protect your biggest investment while you and your family escapes this winter chill.

Make it seem like you never left

  • Have a friend house sit or visit daily. And if you ask extra nice, maybe they’ll even clear the drive for you
  • Use light-timers to turn on key lights in the evening
  • Install motion lights in entryways to surprise and expose trespassers
  • Have your mail collected or consider putting a hold on subscriptions to avoid obvious vacation mail pile up
  • Although you’ll want to out of sheer excitement, try not to broadcast your fabulous winter escape to all your neighbours. Besides this may ensue unwanted stink-eye.

 Prevent indoor disasters

  • Conserve energy and save on unnecessary heating costs - turn your furnace down and change the filter if you notice build up
  • Unplug valuable electronics in case of an unpredicted power surge during your absence
  • Double-check all combustion appliances, such as gas stoves, to make sure they're off and not leaking into your home
  • Depending on the length of your fabulous vacation, drain your water pipes and turn off the main water valve. Of course, if you have a friend house-sitting, omit this step, unless of course they love to ‘rough-it’ in the winter

 Lock everything

  • Bring that hidden extra key inside to a safe place or give that one to your house-sitter
  • Lock all windows and doors, even the ones on top floors and don’t forget the garage
  • For sliding windows and doors, consider placing a bar across the indoor track for added security

 Now go pack and enjoy your much-deserved winter escape.


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