Keeping garden pests under control

It’s great having a garden but it’s a nuisance trying to keep all the insects out. To get rid of them for good, we need to think outside the box. Put down the pesticide (even organic) and read-on. Following some unique gardening advice, here are a few tips to get Mother Nature on our side. Strangely enough, to get rid of the ‘bad’ bugs we need to attract the ‘good’ bugs. Some of our best garden friends are lady bugs, ground beetles and the praying mantis. And to keep the good bugs we need to:

Keep the garden watered

Make sure there is adequate water for your helper bugs – either through regular watering or leave a small dish. If you choose the later, be sure the change the water regularly, otherwise you’ll attract the wrong kinds of bugs.

Provide shade with stones and mulch   

Some garden friends like to do their thing at night – make sure there is shade for them during the day while they’re recharging.

Leave some weeds

Leaving a few weeds here and there isn’t a bad thing. The weeds attract other types of plants and can play host to many friendly insects.

Ditch the bug zapper

You’re probably zapping both good and bad bugs.

Stop swatting at the bees

You’ll want to keep the mason bees around. They encourage pollination in your plants, keeping them growing and keeping the good bugs around.

Try something new and see how you go.




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