There are a lot of agents in the GTA and Oakville area. I have learned this very quickly. All agents young and old are always pitching to me their various ways of staying busy in this industry and their various sales tactics. In this day and age everybody needs to have one I guess to stay ahead of the competition. Everybody needs to fight for that almighty buck which is so hard to find. In an industry where almost 97% of the profit is made by 3% of the agents out there its only inevitable that most agents will cut off a finger to stay ahead of the game.

Then there are those agents who don't do a thing but promise the world and seemingly have all of the listings and have pages and pages of advertising and billboards and have whole empires dedicated to them on the internet. They are usually that 3% who are selling and buying and selling and buying all the time. They sell your house then you ask yourself how. They find you a house in ten minutes and you take it and you wonder what did you just do by taking a house in less time that it takes to buy oranges at the supermarket. It happens everyday.

Then there are those agents that are just starting and will call you ten times a day to get your business. They call you to find out what you would like for breakfast or would like to cut your grass or go to the store and run some errands for you. These are the new agents and are the hungry ones. They will knock on fifty doors a day just to say hi and possible get that listing. Then when that listing hits they will do 30 open houses in a day for 30 days.

There your are, the person buying or selling a house, property, business or farm. Here you have to figure out where to go, who to choose. Do you call your friend who has just got into the business part time? Or do you call your friends agent who just helped him sell his or her house. Usually this is how you get your agent. Word of mouth. Then there are the people who see a big sign and want to be a part of that sign. If you use this agent you will get some card board when they help you find that house your looking for.

Everybody has different motivation for using an agent. Does the agent have a web presence? Does the agent have other big time listings? Does the agent have 5 minutes to spare for me? Does the agent speak my language? Did we come from the same part of Toronto? Does the agent have a name from the Bible?

I cannot sit here and dictate like most articles and how to guide you to find an agent that is right for you. Or how to find the best agent, really nobody knows that. They might be able to send you in the right direction. Maybe you like being called ten times a day to find out what socks you're wearing, hey some people do. Or maybe you like being ignored all day to receive a call from an agent that is in meetings all day, hey some people do.

My advice is, if I had to give advice since I am a professional real estate agent. Yes I passed my test and paid my fees. Okay here is the best advice you'll find on the internet or a newspaper. Pretty much the best advice in the world. Make a list of what is important to you in an agent. example. Does this agent have a web presence? Can the agent run open houses for me? Then go on some interviews with some potential agents. I suggest going to some busy open houses to see how the agent interacts with other people. This might dictate how he interacts with you. After you have your list and after you go to your interview you can check off each trait that you want in an agent. The person with the most check marks wins and you have an agent. Then the fun part starts. Does this agent live up to what he or she says. I'll save that for another blog. Have a good day.

Written by Ernie Arrizza

Ernie Arrizza

Ernie Arrizza

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