As I'm sure most of you know, there is a strike for municipal workers in the City of Toronto right now. This strike, resulting in the City of Toronto using various locations for temporary garbage dump sites, has left many residents angry at the sight of garbage appearing on their door steps and at the parks that they so enjoy. As the City continues to announce additional temporary garbage drop-off locations (currently at total of 19), it leads one to believe that this strike could last longer than most had predicted.
This is not good news for any home owners looking to sell their home this summer due to the potential impact on the decreased value of the property. After all, once this strike is resolved and a contract is put in place, the day will come when the contract expires and who is to say that it will not result in another strike and with your front or back yard becoming another dumping zone.
Another question that you, as a residents impacted by the garbage strike, need to address is what are the long term effects of the current garbage strike? There may be toxins, chemicals, insects or possible hazardous material in this garbage. It cannot only affect your health, it could permanently affect green areas such as parks and recreation areas which are in your neighbourhood. Areas you and your family enjoy.
I know I am posting difficult questions, but if I was looking for a new home at this time, as a consumer, I would not want to move into a home situated near a garbage dumping zone. Even though the strike may be over very soon, people have long memories of what transpires. Alternatively, they have the media to remind them of what has transpired in Toronto during the year the garbage took over our neighbourhood.
If I were the City of Toronto, I would think about how I'm decreasing the housing value in certain neighbourhoods and work around the clock to settle the dispute with the municipal workers to get our neighbourhoods clean and ensure homes are ready to be sold or purchased.

Written by Ernie Arrizza

Ernie Arrizza

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