Are you sure that your agent will know how to advertise in 2010 with google changing the way it searches? This article from explains how the new Google caffeine search index will change the way social media and web searches will be done. Blogging and social media advertising will change the way people see content this year. Especially for Real Estate Agents. No longer will people be opening a newspaper to find an open house. They will be using the internet, twitter gps, and Facebook and other social media sites. There will always be a need for some traditional marketing outlets like the newspaper and billboards for generating brand awareness, but in the year 2010, Google has changed the way advertising is done once again. Another major thing which will change advertising this year will be the newest smartphones to hit the market this year. Each new generation has smarter and more powerful features. Web browsing technology and gps in these devices have leaped forward and are enabling these devices to become mini computers right at our finger tips. I believe that there is a gap which is happening right now. As technology improves and gets faster the people who know how to use the technology assimilate , the people who are barely understanding the technology are falling off and giving up. I meet people all the time who have blackberries and iPhones and only use it to make calls. Maybe Google can install a hologram in the future generation phones that will be your personal help tutor. If they can make that happen then Google will really change the world. Maybe that is a new feature in the new google Droid?


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Search engine giant is getting pretty serious about Caffeine, the new way of indexing the internet. Already most testers are claiming that they’re getting faster response times in their searches.

In case you didn’t already know, Caffeine will affect Google only under the hood, and you probably won’t even notice the changes in your Google experience. The look and feel of the search results will hardly change but you WILL notice that the searches, especially the photos and videos are faster. Caffeine gives priority to news and social media results, and websites would be listed when you enter a few more keywords. Note that websites would not lose their rankings, but they would have to be updated regularly to produce search results. However there is one concern, now that Google will produce search results that lean towards real time and news, will the search engine avoid fake news and bring us the real stuff?

It was revealed that Google always had plans to introduce Caffeine on one data center only before going fully caffeinated. Various sites reported that there are changes in search result rankings. The new search results confirmed that Google is finally implementing its Caffeine-based infrastructure update.

However, Cutts said that Caffeine will not be officially mainstream till the beginning of 2010, until then that one server will enjoy the Caffeine benefits. Cutts stated that there is no need to generalize the fact that there are changes in search engine listings. Sometimes the de-caffeinated Google search engine may more or less be working at peak performance. “I think it’s really risky to take a few threads and turn that into a major Google update,” he said.

Last month Google rolled out the social search features which combines results from your friends’ blogs, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed, and a heck of a lot of other social media sites with Google’s regular search results. Will Caffeine lean towards social media as well? Google also announced the $750 million-worth purchase of AdMob, the company whose profile will significantly help Google in establishing itself as a mobile advertising giant.

The next generation of Google Search is easily the most anticipated change on the web. According to some testers, the search engine in the new Google is not only faster, but in some instances seems more capable of producing real-time results.

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