Have you ever had a Real Estate agent who....

Have you ever hired a Real Estate Agent that does not answer the phone or call you back?

Here's the scenario, you are looking for a house, you drive by a for sale sign and want to know how much the house is and details about the house. You call your agent who is very busy looking for houses for you. He or she does not answer. You get frustrated. You then say in your head, "Its okay they are busy working for me right now". You then call back and leave a message. Day 2. You drive by another house for sale. You call your agent and get his or her answering service. You leave a message and expect a return phone call right away. You left a message with the answering service this is great technology. You call them to call the agent the agent then calls you back. Its a great service. You get nothing back. Finally at 9pm you get a call and your agent tells you both houses are sold conditionally last night. You get upset and go straight to a new builder and try to ask for a mutual release because you are unhappy with your service. The agent finally lets you out of your contract and you tell everybody about your bad service and how you will never use a real estate agent again.

This scenario came from a client who I am looking for a house for. While I was sitting with the client discussing what the client is looking for the first thing that came out of their mouths were do you answer the phone and if you don't how long to at least get back to us. The reason for this question which I totally understand is that most houses are selling so fast that if there is a huge delay then the house will get a registered offer or be sold by the time you even have a chance to make an appointment.

My answer was that I don't have an answering service and my phone is on 24hrs a day. If I cannot answer I usually text message back a response and that as soon as I'm out of my meeting or whatever work or open house I am doing I will respond.

That is customer service. 905-277-1805 call me today. I will answer!

Ernie Arrizza

Ernie Arrizza

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