I lived in Mississauga my whole life. I have traveled to different parts of Canada east and west, but I love the place where I live and work. It has been 31 years and a lot has changed since I was born. I remember fields and farms in Mississauga where there are now condo's and hugh box stores. (The picture below is 55 Burnhamthorpe Ave. This is where Square One is now. Amazing!)

I could go on all day. I was youtubing yesterday and I typed in Mississauga. I found this great video of our great mayor. I forgot that she came into office the year I was born. I can't even imagine a city without her. I hope she lived to be 200. She sure looks great and has the energy of a twenty year old. There are many interesting facts about Mississauga in this youtube video. One of them is that Mississauga has no debt. In today's debt stricken world that is almost non-existent. There is also a model of the Mississauga of the future which I found fascinating.


For people who live in Mississauga its hard to remember what it looked like just a few years ago.


Yes it  has been a long journey for the mayor and I. We have this connection. She is the mayor and I live and work in the city she has built. Although I haven't been serving the city as long as she has. I would like to think that my  Mississauga News paper delivery job when I was 8 did serve the community in a small way. It might not be putting up condos and malls but it did get people interested in what the mayor had to say in those days.

I am glad that I am able to help bring people into Mississauga through my Real Estate career. I know that this is one of the greatest cities in Canada. I hope you enjoy this video it made me think how things have changed here and how things will get even better.

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