Today I showed 3 properties to a young couple buying their first home. This blog may sound like I'm complaining but its more of an advice giver to some sellers in the market. Out of the three properties two of them stated that there would be nobody home and yet there was people home. The one vacant house was left like there was partying or some kind of earth quake or tornado. One house looked beautiful but the owners seemed like they were unhappy that they were selling the house intimidating my clients. The houses were people were sitting there watching us go through the house were the worst because I could see it on my clients face they just wanted to get out of that situation. They did not even want to think about buying the house or even pretend what it would be like to live there because the owners body language suggested that they were not leaving or did not want to. The house which was vacant had alcohol bottles left in the kitchen on display and the fridge had some more wine there left. The washrooms were dirty and to be honest all of us wanted to leave the second that we got in there because we felt like we were just getting more and more discouraged as we looked through the house. The one positive is that the outside looked really nice and the mls had some nice pictures. The same goes for the other two.

So I took my clients around the neighborhood and we will look for some other houses that are not so intimidating and not so dirty.


My advice is that if your selling your house and you have viewers to the property, leave the house if possible and if not then stick to one room for at least the duration. I mean we were only there for 10 minutes. Also if you are vacating the property clean the place before and make sure the house does not look like a disaster.

In conclusion, my clients were ready to jump on one of these houses but the owners and agents made my clients look to the next time I take them out.




Ernie Arrizza

Ernie Arrizza

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