Pool Landscaping

One of the best parts of adding a pool to your backyard is doing the landscaping of it. Your swimming pool landscaping should be all about adding your own personal touch. Remember that in most cases your pool will be your f

focal point of the backyard. Below are some tips and ideas for pool landscaping.

Pots and Containers

Large pots or containers work well for around the pool landscaping if you have the space. Fill them with annual grasses such as purple fountain grass and add annuals flowers that trial or creep. Choose a style of pot or containers that compliment your home or nearby existing structures.

Flower Beds

When adding flower beds around your pool make sure they are curved. You can make the borders with large native stone to help define the curves. Make sure to make the beds large enough to handle the mature sizes of the plants.

Choose a mulch that won't blow off in windy conditions, Cedar mulch is one that has a less tendencies to blow once you have watered it down from the initial mulching.

Pool Landscaping Tips

1. Most swimming pools are large so you need to think big, as in planting masses or groups of plants. Plant with bold colors, Reds, Yellows, and Oranges work well.

2. Ornamental grass is one of the most popular plants to add around your pool landscaping.

3. Evergreens or junipers can add height and year round interest too.

4. Pick plants that don't drop leaves or litter.

5. Plan for year round interest. Learn more about the Winter Landscape.

6. Backyard lighting

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