Real Estate Prices are not going Down

While the interest rates may have gone up a bit yesterday, I believe that the Real Estate prices in Toronto, and GTA are not going down at all. There is a lot going against the market, new regulations, interest rates, unemployment, and our dollar. 

There are many things going against our market, but there are a few driving factors which will keep the bidding wars coming:
1. Low Dollar: Did you know that in China, they cannot own property? What this means is that people there have money to invest and cannot invest it in their own country. They come here because of our low dollar. This is what is driving prices up in many markets in Canada. Our Real Estate prices are cheap compared to many around the world. New Yorkers laugh at our dollar per square footage. 
2. Interest Rates: While this is on the bad list, these rates are a joke compared to years ago when rates were at 5% 8% 20% It is cheap to own a home in Canada. In many cases its easier to get a mortgage than get a lease. You don't pay the mortgage, they take away the house. 
3. Speculators: I have many clients waiting to pounce on a lower market. Let's say the market takes a dip for a few months, and it might, then I know I have a lot of clients waiting to take advantage of that lower priced property. People are waiting for a lower market to go in. This will drive the prices up again. 
I think these three factors are the most important things to consider when you panic over a quarter percent interest rate increase. Don't hold your breath when the pundits are saying that the market is going to crash, in my world its going higher by the minute.        

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