In my time as a Real Estate Agent I have done a few open houses. I have done many open houses for myself and other agents. I have learned what makes a successful open house and drive traffic to your house. I have also figured out what drives no traffic to your house. DO NOTHING!

Here are some tips to having a successful open house. These tips can be applied to Agents or if you are selling your house on your own.

1. Signs at major intersections: This is a no brainer. You must have signs that direct the local traffic to your house. The more signs at major intersections the better it is. A quick note which I learned the hard way. Make sure your signs are on the grass at corners not on the pavement if possible. I have had many signs fall down or people walking knock them down. If there is a patch of grass try to put the metal into the ground. If you have card board signs they are a little better but they fall in the wind as well.

2. Flyer the neighbourhood: Your neighbours are your best asset in an open house. Usually neighbours will tell people they know that there is an open house or that someone in their neighbourhood is selling their house. You should utilize this resource. Offer the neighbours an exclusive open house an hour before the official one starts. This will make them feel special and welcome to your house.

3. Call the neighbours: This goes with the canvassing the neighbourhood. If you can't get to your neighbours by flying the neighbourhood, call them. Leave a message explaining that you are having an exclusive open house for neighbours.

4. If you can't get to the neighbours via the last two tips, go knock on their doors and personally give them an invitation, postcard or flyer.

5. Sign rider: On your for sale sign get a sign rider that says open house from 2-4 Saturday and Sunday. This will remind people driving by all week that you will be having an open house this weekend and the times to attend.

6. Post the open house online: If have a dedicated domain or site for your house post online that you are having an open house this weekend. This will remind people who are looking at the site that you are having an open house this weekend.

7. Email: Send an email to everybody in your list to tell them of your event.

8. Text Message: Text message everybody to attend your open house.

9. People holding signs: Do those people holding signs in front of a pizza store get your attention? They do! Get two people who want to make a few buck for two hours to hold your open house signs at the major intersections. If you have arrow open house signs this will work better.


10. Balloon: If you go to some rental party stores you can rent small blimps that say open houses on it. This is great in high density areas and areas that have a lot of open houses on the weekend. People will take notice from further away and it will drive a lot more traffic to your house.

11. 11. Twitter/Facebook/Social Media: I use this for open houses because you can buy advertising which is geographically targeted. (Facebook), Twitter is the coolest if you have a smart phone. I go on twitter from my Iphone, I make a post saying open house and put the address in. I enable GPS. Then on the post it shows a pin to where I am. If somebody on my twitter wants to come see the open house all they have to do is hit the link and in their smartphone with GPS it will go to maps and from their location it will give them directions to where I am in real time. Its brilliant.

These tips can apply to agents and if you are selling your own home. As you can see there is a lot of work to be done if you want to drive traffic and buyers to your open house. These tips are just a part of what I do to drive traffic to your house. There are a few more tips which I can share with you.

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