Going Paperless in Newmarket, Ontario

Recently I made the decision to purchase an HP Tablet computer and software from Paperless Solutions called Real Estate Dashboard. Now you have to understand that this is not an endorsement blog and I am not saying that this is the right solution for all agents. I am going to say that I love many aspects of going relatively paperless. The concept is that all documents or offers that I prepare are stored on my tablet PC and on a remote "vault" server. At anytime I can pull the document or offer up on my tablet laptop and have the full ability to sign and modify the document. Put a Bell or Rogers stick in the computer and I can immediately fax or email anyone, anytime. Think of the advantage! In Newmarket and surrounding areas the agents have yet to experience or use this type of solution. This give me the edge when it comes to innovation and technology. the benefits to my customers are endless. Imagine being at a property that just came on the market and time is the essence to get the offer together. With this system I can have an offer prepared, signed and sent off in about 20 min! Even faster if it is prepared ahead of time. I was with an 80 year old couple last night signing back an offer and they loved it! Being on the road alot, this has save me many hours of going back an forth from the office. Clients can even log on to a website to get one-directional access to documents that I allow them access to. I also forgot to mention this also solves the Fax- Back illegible problem. Like I said it is not the solution for everyone but I love it, and think how many trees I am saving!  

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Eryn Richardson

Eryn Richardson

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