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"When attempting to sell real estate in Newmarket one of the creative marketing options are OPEN HOUSES. OPEN HOUSES are the stepping stone for a real estate agent or a buyer in the process of the purchase of a buyer’s dream home. Many Newmarket residents question if holding an OPEN HOUSE is really necessary. The answer to that is ABSOLUTLY. Often potential Buyers are nervous and hesitant to call the listing agent to book a showing. An OPEN HOUSE gives the buyer a chance to see a house the way pictures and listings can’t. The buyer is able to tour the entire home, take in the Newmarket neighbourhood, and also provide the buyer the chance to see if they could see themselves living in that particular home. Also, it gives the REALTORS® the chance to see the house to suggest to their Clients. This gives the real estate agent a better outlook on if the house could be a strong contender to there clients. OPEN HOUSES are most definitly not a waste of time, they are a very helpful tool for real estate agents and home buyers. The Newmarket real estate market is very competitive and every advantage counts.

When holding an OPEN HOUSE there are many things that the seller and real estate agent can do to enhance the result of a successful sale. By going that extra mile to make the OPEN HOUSE as impressive as possible can result in an offer being submitted.

Firstly, the time and advertisement for an OPEN HOUSE is very important. It is the way potential home buyers and real estate agents know that an OPEN HOUSE is taking place in the near future. A popular Newmarket newspaper is the Era Banner. Timing of when the OPEN HOUSE will be held is very important. Weekends are best , people are off for the weekend and have time to look at homes. Sundays is a very good day to have an OPEN HOUSE take place. The advertisement of the OPEN HOUSE is quite easy for the real estate agent to accomplish. By advertising online,in Newmarket classifieds and Newmarket OPEN HOUSE directories with colourful and descriptive information, draws people in and provides them with the information they need to know. The placement of the OPEN HOUSE signs is also very important. Place a sign at the busiest intersection near the home , on the corner of the home’s street and also a sign every few blocks from house. Newmarket subdivisions are often confusing so ensure that arrows are indicated on the sign to show which direction to proceed.

Secondly, the way the real estate agent sets up the OPEN HOUSE is significant. A common practice is to provide food and refreshments for the real estate agents and potential home buyers. Everyone loves treats ! Also, a very good idea is to have information about the house in plain view.. information like comparables, Newmarket ammenities, inspection reports, appraisals, major repairs and warranties and possibly even blue prints. Having a bullentin board of pictures of the home throughout the four seasons is also a good idea so that the buyer can see what the house looks like throughout the year. Even having picture of Newmarket’s popular features can help. As for the house , the real estate agent should turn on all lights , put on some soft music to set a mood and even put some blueberry muffins or something similiar in the oven to produce a comforting smell throughout the home. DO NOT use artificial sprays or air fresheners.. many people are allergic to these products and they can also be very over powering. For when the people start coming into the OPEN HOUSE , it is a good idea to provide a sign in sheet. The real estate agent themselves should be upbeat and cheery. They should greet each buyer that enters the home. Ask questions like what they are looking for and try to use that information to connect with what the house has to offer them. When the people begin to leave it is a very good idea for the real estate agent to ask for some feedback and what they’re overall thoughts were about the house.

Thirdly, The most IMPORTANT thing about holding an OPEN HOUSE in Newmarket is of course the house ! Everyone can be a little messy sometimes but at an OPEN HOUSE there is no room for messiness or clutter! Before holding an OPEN HOUSE or even putting the house on the market the seller should create a clean, crisp and spacious living space. By doing this it increases the chance of a sale tremendously. Organization of everything in the house and removing anything that creates a sense of clutter or disorder is essential. If it is in your budget you may want to hire a professional stager. By investing money to upgrade pieces of the house such as kitchens and bathrooms may increase the value of the home, but make sure to see what will give you the best return on your investment. Also, a new paint job does wonders. Neutral colours are best to stick with when painting the home for sale. Even new fixtures such as faucets on sinks and new handles on drawers can really update the home to contemporary standards. The outside of the house is just as important as the inside. CURB APPEAL is a big deal to potential home buyers. If possible, try and use a Local Newmarket contractor to support the local economy. By removing debris, cleaning the porch, entrance way and overall making the outside of the house look well kept and tidy it will draw in more potential buyers. When the house has been cleaned thoroughly and is ready for the OPEN HOUSE these tips will be very beneficial. Make sure there is lots of places for people to park. Remove cars from the driveway and even ask the neighbours if they could not park on the road for the time frame of the OPEN HOUSE. Open all drapes and window coverings, let the light in so potential buyers can see how much natural light is projected throughout the home. Little details go a long way. By putting fresh flowers around the house, it creates a mood that is calming and fresh. Going generic is a wise thing to do as well. If the seller removes all pictures and personal decor (ex. glass dolls,toys,trophies) it will allow the potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

Overall, there are many ways to thoroughly increase the success of a Newmarket OPEN HOUSE. By putting in the extra effort and being thorough and consistent with the home decor it will greatly enhance the chance of a successful sale. This will be maximizing the homes value and potential for the best price possible. The Newmarket real estate market is very competitve market so it is very beneficial and important to have an advantage over the other homes."

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