Moving Day!!! – Helpful Hints for Moving


    -make sure you have lots of boxes, packing paper, packing tape and markers

Start Packing Early

    -pack extra items that you will not be using until after you move.

    -if its summer, pack up your winter coats, boots, etc. and if it’s winter, pack up all summer items

    -pack small kitchen appliances that you do not use often


    -make sure to clearly mark all boxes with the contents, and the room that you want the box to go to.  The more clear you are on which room the items belong in, the easier it will be on moving day

    -use your suitcases and luggage to transport pillows, bedding, and extra blankets

    - wrap your fragile items, such as pictures, with blankets

    -leave clothes on the hangers and use wardrobe boxes if you have them

Items to Keep Separate

    -leave a box of cleaning supplies at your previous house so you have them there to clean once you have everything moved out

    -keep all of your valuables, files, and antiques with you so that you are sure they are safe at all times

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