From Some of Our Staff Regarding Training and Support

I have been with Century 21 Today Realty Ltd for three successful award winning years and that is due in part to the extensive training and coaching that I receive from both Eugene and Roy. Their knowledge, experience, and winning ways in the business really helped me excel my career as one of the top Sales Reps within our company in a short period of time.
Guy Gray, Sales Representative

Excellent training and guidance, providing the foundation for success and exuding professionalism throughout their brokerage
Allan Lent, Sales Representative

When I came to Century 21 I was amazed at the training and assistance you provided. I have never seen any broker that takes the time and effort to research and explain all the aspects of this business like you do.
I was also comfortable in knowing that I didn’t have to compete with my broker for office business. The training and assistance that you provide, not only for new agents but those that are experienced as well is unmatched in any sales office I have ever been involved with.
Tony Vander Klis, Sales Representative

I owe my success to hard work and dedication to my profession and more over to unparalleled training and guidance from our brokers, Eugene Pilato and Roy Zanatta.
Our administration staff is the “glue” that keeps us together by continuously providing technical support, office administration and real estate procedural guidance.
Mary Cimprich, Sales Representative

I have been asked many times, of all the companies, why Century 21, I tell them about the number of times we talked, the great support staff and the training that is second to none. You deserve the praise for the incredible work that you do!             
Mark Cahill, Sales Representative

The Century 21 team has become family.  With a caring and professional Broker who is always willing and available to help out when the situation calls, he is also there cheering you on with all successes!
Century 21 is always updating their team with up-to-date marketing, computer training and industry changes. My success is proof of the invaluable support, training and care that Century 21 offers!
Brenda Piech, Sales Representative

During my 16 year Real Estate career, I have worked for three different Real Estate Brokerages.
My experience has enabled me to compare and to conclude that I'm with the best in the business. The quality of support, training, and overall assistance, is ongoing and always readily available to me.
THANK YOU Eugene and Roy, for your patience, and help, and for providing a friendly and positive working environment.....I truly believe that you are a major reason for the success that I enjoy today!
Don Takach, Sales Representative

During the interviewing process I found that the veterans of Century 21 Today Realty Ltd. valued the support they received from Eugene, Roy, and their staff. They still are their offering me support when needed. In a fast paced industry that is always changing Eugene and Roy continue to educate us on new legislations, and marketing strategies and techniques that improved my business.
Barbara Scarlett, Sales Representative

Training and assistance at ‘Century21 Today Realty’ is, in my opinion, of the highest standards.
The work atmosphere is pleasant and brokers, salespeople and administration staff are friendly, helpful and very professional. Roy and Eugene spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that we as salespeople have all of the latest technology, be it web sites, updated procedures and forms, new rules and regulations etc. that we require to represent our clients in a complete and professional manner.
Marcel Maurice, Sales Representative

Thank you Century 21 Today.  I am so happy that I chose your company to build my real estate career.  In the four years I have worked for Century 21 I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge, confidence and skills, thanks to the training and on-going support I receive.
Gail Fraipont, Sales Representative

Working for Century 21 Today Realty has to date been my best work experience. The staff and sales team are always ready to help out wherever needed. Eugene and Roy are brokers who work exhaustively to ensure that their sales staff is well trained and knowledgeable. Century 21 Today has exceeded my expectations with training, support and advice.  
Rodney Barron, Sales Representative

I could not experience the level of success that I do without the always willing assistance from our experienced and knowledgeable support staff.
Our Management, Eugene Pilato and Roy Zanatta, work diligently to ensure that our team has all the skills, updated technology, training and resources at hand to allow their agents to be successful in their career.
Both of them go far beyond the usual managing broker responsibilities and make themselves available to each and every member of the team. They truly lead the way!
Jackie Denham, Sales Representative

Professionalism & dedication are the best words to describe Eugene Pilato & Roy Zanatta Owner Brokers of Century 21 Today Realty Ltd.
I have worked at Century 21 with Eugene & Roy since 1996.  Constant availability, expert knowledge--I know I made the right choice.
Koosje Stassen, Sales Representative

I firmly believe that Eugene, Roy and the entire staff are all dedicated to see each and every agent prosper to the best of their ability which creates an atmosphere of true professionalism and having fun, while making a comfortable living. I firmly believe, in my heart, other real estate offices in the area do not offer the same commitment and sincerity.
Len Evans, Sales Representative

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