Is There a Difference between Buyer Reps?

Some real estate salespeople would have you believe they all perform the same services.
Yet the differences in approach, skills and even attitude are many. They can have a big impact on your home buying experience.

1. First there is the question of mindset. In the revealing book, Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., she points out that people develop a fixed or a growth mindset in varying degrees, and that people have always thought, acted and fared differently.

Fixed Mindsetpeople are afraid to try anything that might challenge them or make them look less than smart. They won’t “put in the time and effort in doing well in anything.”

Growth Mindset people welcome challenges and are not afraid of learning, growing and solving problems despite their difficulty. They step out of their comfort zone and work on constant improvement of their skills, knowledge, productivity, customer service, communication and much more. In turn, they increase their experiences and advance their skills.

Growth mindset salespeople simply give you a rewarding, quality buying experience, with the least amount of stress, and that’s worth its weight in gold.

2. A quality salesperson takes a consultative approach and asks questions to help uncover any concerns you have and to help clarify your objectives, needs and wants. How else can the salesperson help you make good buying decisions?

3. Often buyers know what they don’t want. Buying is as much a process of elimination and a great salesperson will save you time by helping you to review and eliminate listings down to a short list of the most suitable for you to see.

4. An expert salesperson can influence the home you choose, the price you pay, your mortgage financing and your equity in the home 5 or 10 years later and beyond.

5. An accomplished salesperson acts as a third eye, pointing out any faults he/she notices, addresses concerns and helps you to avoid potential legal pitfalls.

6. A first class salesperson will advise you on market conditions. Is it a buyer’s market, a balanced market or a seller’s market? How can conditions effect your selection, your buying time and your negotiations?

7. Superior salespeople don’t wing it. They have a process that takes the buyer to closing with few if any hassles.

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