Home buying is very much a process of elimination

Home buyers often eliminate homes they call on once they receive more information. It’s too small or too big; it’s too much, lacks a 3rd bedroom or can have any number of other reasons to remove the listing as a possible to look at.

The Internet Can Help Clarify Buying Choices

Searching the Internet can devour hours of time. Yet the internet has helped buyers in their home search, in gathering information and in eliminating and selecting homes they might like.

Interestingly, though Internet shoppers take longer than non-internet shoppers to research listings, by the time they are ready to look inside homes they have a good grasp of what they want and quite often what homes they want to see inside. They have often narrowed down their search to around 12 homes to view with their REALTOR® over a period of some 12 weeks.

Yet some buyers are determined to see an excessive number of homes, an extremely time-consuming exercise that can drag on for long, drawn out periods. These buyers tend to lack direction as they usually haven’t clarified what they want and don’t have a buying plan. They know more about what they don’t want than what they do want. They also may not have clarified why and when they want to buy and even whether they can justify price and operating costs.

Such a scattered approach to buying can lead to any number of problems:

~You become easily distracted by the many homes on the market and look inside 25, 30, 35 homes and sometimes more within a wide range of prices, styles and areas.

~This only serves to frustrate and confuse. You reach a point of information overload and discourage yourself from buying altogether.

~Things tend to happen more by accident and you may not end up with a good buying decision.

~You can waste much time searching without being any closer because you are spinning your wheels.

How to Stop the Distraction
Eliminate homes as you search the internet. Better still, sitting with a REALTOR® to review, eliminate and select the right homes to see creates clarity and direction. It can also save you a ton of time and help eliminate the fear of buying, remove indecision, and result in a good buying decision that can serve you for the rest of your life.

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