From the time I started at Deerhurst Resort in 1993 I felt the history this Resort has inside its walls. Back in the day when the railroad trains were used to bring guests up from Toronto and other areas here to Huntsville. These folk would come for the summer with their trunks loaded and children in hand. This is the resort started by the Waterhouse family, 3 generations in all.

From town they would get on the Steam Ships and follow the Muskoka River through Fairy Lake down a man made canal and into Peninsula Lake to Deerhurst shores. What a trip can you imagine those special times. Of course it wasn't the average person that took this trip but the affluent.

During the summer they would canoe, row the wooden boats, sit on the dock just like we do but the ladies always had on those long fancy dresses. They even went golfing or played lawn bowling in the hot sun. Those were the days you sat under the shady apple tree. No cell phones to disturb you. Read a book or gaze onto the wide open lake views.

If you ever have the chance to google or visit the halls of Deerhurst you will see some of the black and white photos of that era.

The original lodge had all the amenities of the day ,rooms, dining halls and games room.

Bill Waterhouse who was the last 3rd generation owner has just passed at the age of 80 his mother lived to be over 100. She ran that lodge for many years and not that I know her but did get a chance to serve her at Deerhurst after she retired.

Bill went to a one room school house which is still there on Canal Rd. but is now a year round residence. I have more to add but for now this blog is over. I must add that again I cannot imagine all the wonderful things this family has enjoyed over the years on such a majestic property as Deerhurst living in the original Lodge.

RIP Bill

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