How to maximize your selling potential in the winter months

Don't use winter as a crutch

1. If people viewing your home want to take on old man winter by all means let them! Don't anticipate and cancel showings due to the weather. If they booked the showing they have interest in your home and you could potentially miss out on that sale.


Whoa it's hot in here!

2. Regulate the temperature in your home when you have showings throughout the day. Remember a lot of the time potential buyers will be viewing your home with all of their winter gear on. Making your potential buyers comfortable keeps them on track mentally on why they are there.


Turn on the Light

3. With limited sunshine and hazy days, winter can seem quite drab. It also casts a grey hue inside your house. With daylight not lasting as long as the summer months, you need great lighting in your home. Dark rooms are depressing, with sufficient lighting any room can go from depressing to welcoming!


Hats, Mitts, Ski-Pants Oh My!!

4. With all the gear we wear to keep ourselves warm it causes quite the pile up at the front entrance. First impressions are key when it comes to making a sale! Keep all of your gear well organized and somewhere practical where they can dry. Keep a well absorbent rug at the front door and try to keep the area clean of water, salt rings and dirt.


Do you smell that?

5. We all love our pets as much as the next person, however no one loves the smell of wet dog! In the winter months are pets are trekking through the snow. Try to keep your pets dry and nicely groomed when you have continual showings. No one wants to be welcomed to the smell of a wet puppy.