Not much of a decorator? How to create modern decor with classic pieces!

Decor in your home define you, your family and the overall feel of your household. Using classic pieces already in your home and updating with modern accessories complete the decor and can be updated when necessary.

1. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Everyone has a feature mirror in their home whether it be at the front door, in your bedroom, dining room or basement this is a classic piece. Mirrors enhance the space, add to your decor, can become a focal point to any room, and can be easily transferable to any space in your home.


2. Lamp Shades

Lamps are a great feature to any home adding a decorative flare, soft lighting and brightening a space. Your lamps are outdated? Not too worry! Different colored shades are inexpensive and easy to change. Also, switching the locations of the lamps in your home give each room a different feel over all.


3. Picasso & Da Vinci

Choosing a classic piece of art work is a good base to setting off the balance in your home decor. Scaling your art work is key! Off setting art work will make a room look smaller, the walls uneven and is unpleasing to the eye. Match your artwork to your decor tastes modern vs. classic. Aim to strike a balance between tone, content, colors and shape.


4. Don't throw out that old furniture!

With this DIY nation there is a ton of ways to reuse furniture that has become dull and an eye soar. Also, choosing classic furniture pieces is great because they never really go out of style. When choosing peices focus on the quality of the product, is it durable? Classic pieces are more expensive than a general sofa but they will last longer. If you prefer a classic look: dark wood finishes are a popular choice. If you prefer casual pieces: lightly toned furniture that reflect traditional tastes or a country flare. If you are more of an eclectic decorator: decorate with accent pieces such a colored chair, different shaped lounger or colored set to give your room an interesting design.

Decorator note: When using bright or eclectic pieces remember to keep your room colors neutral or have only one accented wall color.