Say goodbye to your commute!

With the cities bright lights, shopping, major leauge baseball team, NHL team and amazing restaurants it is hard to think about anywhere else to live until you've lived here. This small Northern Ontario community reminds you that your neighbour is friendly, it instills good values into our growing children and reminds us to slow down.

With the boom in this area for mining, agriculture and construction it offers employment opportunites for those wanting to make the move. With our bilingual schooling systems it offers your child a chance to learn a second language. Say goodbye to your hour commute with being able to get anywhere in town in under 15 minutes. Breathe the fresh air, enjoy a drink lakeside, go camping, take your children swimming, go hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting. Enjoy fresh farm eggs, home grown beef, homemade cheeses and a glass of milk from our local dairy farmers. New Liskeard is also home to a AAA hockey team many graduates of the "Cubs" have continued with a hockey career in Junior A, Junior B, the International Leauge, the Eastern Leauge and the NHL.

With our housing market significantly cheaper that the cities market you get more bang for your buck! With many waterfront properties that lakeside dream becomes a reality. Whether you want to retire in the North, raise a family here or just want a change of scenery, the North welcomes you!