Manor Homes: A Major Trend in St. Leonard

In the November 12th edition of l'Informateur (Rivière-des-Prairies' local newspaper), the first page of their Montreal Express insert had an interesting article entitled, "Ces manoirs qui changent le visage des quartiers" (these manors which change the face of our communities).  The author deplores the idea that homeowners on Lacordaire Boulevard between Jarry and Des Grandes Prairies are tearing down what he terms "houses of origin" and replacing them with "imposing and luxurious residences."  It's such a pity, he says, that these owners are not of the original generation of owners who respect the history of their community.

 I am not at all against preserving the historicity of a community; I firmly believe that our cultural heritage is an important part of our identity.  I love to see the old historic buildings in Old Montreal, for example, or the wonderful architectural landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral for which the city of Montreal is famous. 

 However, I also believe that it is a part of human nature to constantly seek personal improvement, expansion and self-actualization.  Our desire to improve the look of our real estate is no exception, since our homes are reflections of ourselves.  I personally love these new manors; to me they represent the "dream houses" that we are all looking for.  To see so many dream houses being built not only on Lacordaire Boulevard but all over the city is a sign that more and more of us are turning our dreams into reality.

 One of the reasons I chose to work for Century 21 is precisely because turning dreams into reality is what the real estate business is all about.  Whether you agree with me and would like to purchase an "imposing and luxurious residence," or whether you agree with the article's author that preserving our history is the way to go, your choice of home tells the rest of the world who you are.  It is the expression of your tastes, your hopes, your wishes, your dreams.  And what's wrong with making wishes come true?

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