Seven Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

From the moment we feel that first warm spring breeze, we are anxious to breathe new life into our environment.  Here are seven easy ways to prepare your home for spring:




1.  Washing windows is a great way to allow fresh sunshine into your home.  You can easily clean your windows with a do-it-yourself mixture of water and vinegar.  Don’t forget to open your windows often to let the fresh spring breezes into your home and to eliminate the stale and stuffy winter air.


Perhaps it is time to actually replace those windows.  The month of March is an ideal time to get a quote for new energy-efficient windows.  Replacing the windows is one project that will enhance the entire look of your home, both inside and out!


The Refrigerator


2.  Spring is a great time to clean and organize your fridge and your pantry.  Once your fridge is clean, deodorize it by rinsing the door and shelves with a mixture of water and vanilla essence.  Your whole fridge will smell clean and fresh!




3.  Organize your closets.  Remove all items of winter clothing that no longer serve you; throw out those that are worn or stained, and offer to charity the rest of the items which are still in good condition.


Upholstery and Curtains


4.  Thoroughly vacuum your upholstery and curtains to remove all the dust and dirt, which tend to accumulate during the winter months.  This chore will definitely ease all those springtime allergies.


Ceiling Fans


5.  Eliminate dust that circulates in your home by cleaning all your ceiling fans.




6.  A good carpet cleaning will not only rid your home of pet odors, but it will also rid your carpets of dust mites, which can cause serious allergies and prevent your home from smelling clean and fresh.


Smoke Alarms


7.  Thoroughly test all the smoke alarms in your home and make sure that they are all working properly.  Don’t forget to change the batteries!


These seven easy spring-cleaning tasks will energize you and ensure your start your spring season in a positive way.  A home that is clean, fresh and well ventilated will give you a huge feeling of self-satisfaction.  It may be the ideal way of inspiring you to contemplate the upcoming renovation projects!

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