R.D.P. Statistics – Did You Know?

If you have been considering the purchase of a home in R.D.P., it might help you to know a few interesting statistics about this Montreal sector, taken from the Statistics Canada Census of 2016.

The total population of R.D.P. is 32,760; which consists of 15,425 men and 17,320 women.  Of these, 15% are children aged 14 and under, 63% are employment age (15-64), and 22% are seniors.  There are 12845 households in R.D.P., of which 3,460 are people living alone and the rest are families with or without spouses, and with or without children.  33% of R.D.P. families are formed of couples without children.

8,025 households are headed by homeowners, while 5,095 households are rented.  Average homeowner living costs are $956 per month, while average household rental costs are $832 per month.

57% of the R.D.P. population is bilingual.  Other languages spoken in the district are Italian (10%), Spanish (3%) and Creole (3%).

Immigrant population accounts for 23% of the total R.D.P. population.  Immigrants come mainly from Italy (44%), Haiti (24%) and Algeria (1%). 

The unemployment rate of R.D.P. is currently 7%, compared to 10% for the entire city of Montreal.  Among those who are employed, the average household income is $60,609 per year.

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