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USA will likely help the already rising Real Estate Market in the Okanagan Shuswap

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the United States contracted 2.1 % in 2013. This was the last year of downturn. In looking at the growth so far this year, economists are projecting a whopping 4% growth in GDP in the US for 2014. Growth was driven primarily by stronger consumer spending. Americans are the greatest consumers of the world which continues to guarantee their recoveries even after their ...

Hot Weather makes for hot market

The sun comes out and so do the real estate sales . The recent hot weather in the Okanagan has matched the recent hot sales in the real estate market . It is the fourth staright month of extremely high absorbtion rates has lead to very high sales . These new highs have also created a steady increase in prices for homes . As the inventory decreases the average sale increases , so now is the time to ...

Bank of Canada announced on July 16, 2014

The Bank of Canada announced on July 16th, 2014 that it was keeping its trend-setting overnight lending rate at 1 per cent.   The overnight rate has not moved in almost four years, and the Bank’s July announcement and accompanying Monetary Policy Report (MPR) suggest the most likely scenario right now is that the overnight rate will remain parked where it is for at least another ...


Check out the small car, car show this Sunday at the Vernon Toyota Parking lot.  You will see amazing cars including .......          

Bank of Canada cuts forecast amid ‘serial disappointment’ with economy’s recovery

 Finacial Post - Gordon Isfeld | July 16, 2014 OTTAWA — For almost a year, the Bank of Canada has been expecting key pieces of the economy to fall into place. That hasn’t happened. Instead of the long-anticipated rebound in exports and business investment, growth has been tepid as one forecast after another — for Canada and globally — failed to deliver as advertised. ...

The cost of money to buy a home in the Okanagan Shuswap will stay low for a while

Stephen Poloz, the govenor of the Bank of Canada now says that the low interest rates that we have experienced for the last decade will likely become the new normal. There has been the threat of higher interest rates just around the corner for a number of years but it never seems to come. Rates inch up a few basis pojnts and we all say, "Here we go", only to find them inching back down a few months ...

Great article on Real Estate Investment Partnerships by Richard Dolan

Take a look at this great article on Real Estate Investment Partnerships!  Click HERE!

How to avoid huge mortgage penalties!

You bought an investment property with the plan to hold it for 5 years.  The cheapest rate you found was on a closed mortgage, so you selected a 5-year term.  Three years later, you need to sell.  You call your bank and ask them “How much?” That’s when your jaw hits the floor. Early payment or pre-payment penalties charged by banks can be huge — thousands ...

New Marina Investment Opportunity in Sicamous

The Cosens Team and Bill Hubbard have just listed the Shuswap Waterfont Marina. This 3.56 acres Prime development property has C4A zoning  which allows for 20 units/acre. All approvals done. New marina with all enviromental permits in place. Call the Cosens Team for an information package and a personal showing, 250 833-5372

I'm sorry "deer", this one is sold! But I do have others!

Seems like everyone is looking to get into the market these days!