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Did you know that one of the biggest advantages to using a Realtor is their insurance?

It's true. It is mandatory that every Realtor licensed in the province of BC has what the call Errors and Omissions Insurance. Real Estate is one of the most tightly controlled industries in the country. There is all kinds of mandatory education and rules and laws and bylaws to follow. However, everyone makes mistakes. Our industry has set it up so that if a Realtor makes a mistake that is proven to ...

Looking to buy a home in the Okanagan Shuswap?....Beware of, "I'm still worried about"

It is so interesting watching the Real Estate Market in the Okanagan Shuswap go through its cycle and the reactions of our beloved customers as they watch it. We have now stepped into the, "I'm still worried about" phase. The housing market in the Okanagan Shuswap stopped going down and started leveling off in all 3 zones in the middle of 2012. Since then it has been in a slow gradual recovery consisting ...


"Champions are willing to do the things they dislike to create something they do like.  Don't let the things that matter most be at the mercy of the things that matter least'-Dexter Yager

Vernon and North Okanagan on the Rebound

When staring down upon the daunting data associted with the real estate market there are many things to consider. Average price, median price absorbtion on and on. The key is knowing what each one means and how it effects the others.  Take absorbtion for example this is the number of homes that were sold compared to the number that were available. (1000 active homes, 100 sell that month= 10% ...

Market Update for March

A weaker Canadian dollar can be a good thing for the Real Estate Market in the Okanagan Shuswap?   The currency gurus of Canada now say that the Canadian dollar will hover around 90 Cents for a while. They say that the reason has less to do with the Canadian economy than it does with the stronger American economy and housing market. But how does that affect us Real Estate owners and investors ...


Canadian Housing Starts - April 8, 2014   Canadian housing starts tumbled close to 18 per cent in March to 156,823 units at a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR). The trend in Canadian new home construction moved lower as well, to 184,476 units SAAR. That level of construction is in-line with demographic demand. The majority of the decline in housing starts occurred in Ontario and Quebec. ...

Okanagan Lifestyle Update! from Don Miller

This is why we live here - Ski in the morning at a world class resort, then golf 18 holes in the afternoon! Check back for more Okanagan Lifestyle updates as I take you around some of our best attractions in Vernon and the North Okanagan, the reasons we live here. Don  


Just in a seminar with CMHC and they have a very positive forecast for the Vernon area over the next few years  

So you think you want to be a Real Estate Agent, do you?

I read this article and had to chuckle.  It is SOOOOO true!!  So the next time you are thinking, "Maybe I will get my RE licence, that might be fun!!", think again.   Several times a year I am approached by people who want to become a Realtor. Many of them think it's a great way to supplement their income while they keep their day job. A lot of others are interested in ...

Vernon Ringette Nets Canadian Championship

The gold lmedal match was everything it was hyped up to be:  packed stands, rambunctions crowd, fast play, physical checks, frequent penalies, spectacular saves, few goals.  CLICK HERE for the full story.