A Recognized Brand is Important

How many times have you heard someone say, "Well it's a (brand) it has to be good." Whether that brand is Sony, Boston Pizza, GM, or Telus people automatically assume that there is some innate, assured quality and benefit when using or purchasing a trusted brand. In general, if people have a choice between going for Pizza at Boston Pizza or Harry's pizza house, if all other things are equal, they are more likely to choose the trusted brand. In Real Estate this principal has shown itself over and over. Very seldom do independent companies with unrecognized brands stay in business long term. Buying a home is very big deal for the consumer and trust is a very big part of that purchase.  For instance, would a buyer driving into town from Alberta to buy a home say, "Let's find the ABC Real Estate Office.?" Our brand Century 21 has been the most recognized Real Estate brand in the world for over a decade. Our company now features two new offices in Sicamous and Salmon arm to help serve you, and Buyers searching for your Home. Come find us under the big recognizable black and gold signs. 

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