"A voice so blue it makes angels weep"

 I had never heard of Rita Chiarelli when I was invited to hear her perform in early 2006 at the Towne Cinema. I figured if folks like Les Copeland and Kath Raeber -local musicians and entertainers I appreciate and enjoy were fans - I could easily risk the price of a ticket for an evening of entertainment.


One of the things I love about live entertainment - and festivals in particular is that you never really know when you are going to encounter something you'll fall in love with (musically) by exposing yourself to performers you have never heard before or even heard of. My experience with Chiarelli that night was exactly that. I loved the way her voice cut through the air - raspy then breathy- driving and soft. I particularly enjoyed the Italian folk songs.. and no.. I don't speak the language but the beauty of the performance was profound and no meaning was required to understand the emotion.

You can bet that when Chiarelli takes the stage in Vernon BC this August for the RAREARTH Jazz and Bluesfest (August 8 and 9)- I will be in the crowd with my friends ready for a rockin good time. Our tickets are tucked away and the countdown is on. I hope you'll join us.

Know more before you go:

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Find Chiarelli on YouTube

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Join us at the Rarearth Jazz and Blues Fest this Summer






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