Amalgamation - District of Coldstream/City of Vernon


Once again the issue of whether the District of Coldstream and the City of Vernon should amalgamate, has come up. Of concern is the duplication of costs incurred by Coldstream and Vernon as there are two municipal councils and two electoral area directors which creates inefficiencies in how business is conducted. In an article appearing in The Morning Star, Richard Rolke points out that water and parks, recreation and culture are handled by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee; however any decisions reached must then go to the Regional District of the North Okanagan Board. Moreover, Rolke points out that in some cases, processes still need to be ratified by the Coldstream and Vernon councils. This can greatly hamper the process of decision making. KPMG recently conducted a City core review and determined that amalgamation would help to reduce costs and create efficiencies. Accordingly, a petition is being circulated until October 31, 2013 in which petition local and provincial authorities are being asked to develop a plan to combine Coldstream, Vernon and Areas B and C into a single entity in order to provide a more efficient use of taxes. Stay tuned ...

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