Are You a Home Buyer or are you a HOME BUYER?

"If The Seller REALLY Wanted To Sell, He Would Blah, Blah, Blah!"

How many times have you heard this one?

 “Well if the seller REALLY wants to sell, he would blah, blah, blah [insert unrealistic action here]…”

  • Let me see the home with a few minutes notice even though I am not ready to buy yet.

  • Drop the price 20% below market value.

  • Fix every little thing in the home even though it is priced accordingly.

  • Bend to my every whim!

home buying

Most buyers that we encounter are serious about their home search.  We meet and go over the process, ask them to get pre-qualified so they know what price range to look at, discuss their needs, and approach the home buying adventure with a plan.  In our experience, serious buyers like this approach and do not balk at taking time to plan and organize.

 Then, there are the others…

 We will use the term “buyer” here loosely, since it should really only be used for someone who actually intends to buy a home.

  •  The “buyers” who only work with listing agents because they are oh so sure they will get a better deal.
  • The “buyers” who already know everything there is to know about real estate because they have been talking to their cousin’s neighbor’s great Uncle who used to be in real estate 20 years ago.

  • The “buyers” who have no plan, but really like looking at houses.

  • The “buyers” who are real estate experts because they bought a program from a late night infomercial.


serious business

We are not picking out your next toaster here.  Buying a home is serious business and it should be approached in a serious and organized manner.  

If you are SERIOUS about buying a home,  let’s get together and make a plan! We can help guide you through the real estate process and who know you might enjoy yourself!

The Don Miller Group

Century 21 Vernon


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