Beware of Reporting House Insurance Claims

Beware of ever reporting to your insurance broker if you have a problem like your ceiling falling on your head. Last winter  3 panels of gyp-rock fell in our front room when a train went by. Not sure if our insurance would cover this, we made the mistake of phoning our insurance broker to see if this incident was insurable.

Our house is a classic 1951 home with 3/8 inch gyp-rock ceilings secured with nails instead of screws. Over time the vermiculite insulation wedged its self between the stud and the ceiling causing bowing and eventually one night it fell on my head. Thinking it would cost about the same as our $1000.00 deductible to fix. We made the mistake of phoning our insurance broker to inquire if it was insurable. They sent a fellow from Kamloops in to see if it would be insurable and if the vermiculite had any asbestos in it.

While he sat in our kitchen with a haps-met mask on asking us every question in the book, recording it and video taping the damage and any other issues, we were impressed on his thoroughness but wondered, should we have masks on too? While it turned out he charged the insurance company $1400.00 for his 2 hours with us and they put a claim in against our insurance to pay him and not pay us anything for repairs because it was deemed a maintenance issue.

Because of his report and the claim against our insurance plan, Wawanesa discontinued insuring us and put us in the secondary market which basically doubles your insurance costs or makes you uninsurable by most insurers.

We ended up having to get everything fixed at our own cost. We fixed any other maintenance issues while we were at it. Our house has never looked better but because of this incident we are basically black listed in the house insurance market and are going through hell just to find house insurance at a reasonable price.

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