Century 21 Easter Seals Fundraiser by Bill Hubbard and Mark Koroll

Folks I need your help. Make this go Viral and perhaps I can send you and a friend to Vegas for free. As you may know I am incredibly passionate about raising money for "Easter Seals Send a Kid to Camp" program. This is a charity which its sole purpose is to send children with disabilities to camp for one week in the summer. This is a chance for them to be just like other kids for one week of their year. It changes their lives. On August 21 Mark Koroll and I will will ride our bikes (Pedal bikes) from Banff Alberta to just south of Sicamous BC....about 400km. That's a huge feat for a chubby guy like me. So let's call this "The Chubby Guy Fund Raiser". For every $20 you donate to this great cause you will get one chance at a trip for 2 to Vegas including hotel. I am personally donating the trip so all the money goes to Easter Seals. And Oh yes if the chubby guy croaks on the way I have insurance to make sure you get the trip and the kids get the money. I'm just sayin:):) Give me a hand to help some kids that spend their lives dealing with hardship be ecstatically happy for one week .... and have some fun at my expense...the chubby guy. Mark's the skinny guy.  If you can't afford to donate LIKE and SHARE this on Social Media so it goes viral. Here is where you donate....www.chubbyguyfund.com  Good Luck Bill Hubbard and Mark Koroll !!!!

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