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 We’re thrilled to advise that exciting and new updates to the platform will be released tonight.  Read on and find out how the world’s best real estate website has been enhanced and will only get better…ensuring that the consumer – you – continue to have a most rewarding experience on!

 Splash Page Update


The  page has been updated to make it easier for you to start searching for Properties, Offices and Sales Representatives.  Some of the changes and improvements include:

·         The Property Quick Search text box has been enlarged and placed under the map of Canada.

·         The Sales Representatives and Offices Quick Search text box has been separated from the Property Quick Search text box to avoid confusion.

·         Search Area drop-down menus have been removed to simplify the interface and avoid redundancy.

·         Styling and branding has been updated to give the site a new and refreshed look and feel.



Search Desktop Page Update

 The Search Desktop page has been redesigned from the ground-up to be faster, more powerful and more intuitive.  We believe you will benefit from the completely new search interface, which was designed based on user feedback, and brand new features have been implemented that make the search experience better than ever.  Please see the complete list of changes below:



·         The location of the sidebar has changed from the right side of the map to the left, improving usability.

·         Your search criteria are always visible at the top of the page rather than hiding and showing dynamically in the sidebar.

·         Search controls (e.g. drop downs, check boxes, etc) have changed to traditional, more intuitive, native browser controls rather than custom-created controls.

·         The separation between Property Search, Sales Representative and Office Search is much clearer, as results no longer appear on the map simultaneously.

·          You can filter search results by property status.  By default, Active properties display, and users can then select between Active, Sold and All Properties.


Reviewing Results

·         Search results now display in a “Business Card” format in the sidebar rather than as images in the Filmstrip.

·         The new “Show Next 25” button adds search results to the sidebar list rather than scrolling through images in the Filmstrip.

·         Information balloons expand when clicked rather than when a visitor’s mouse hovers over the marker.

·         Information balloons display larger images depending on visitors’ screen resolution.

·         Property Showcase is now a true full-screen pop-up rather than a browser-restricted pop-up.

·         Navigation between search results and result previews is more intuitive as a result of the new layout.

·         New “No Results Found” Help screens enable users to quickly reset search criteria or jump to the closest office.


Guest Accounts

·         Guest Account Favourites and Saved Searches are exposed rather than accessible through another panel in the sidebar.

·         Management of Guest Accounts takes place through a large pop-up dialog rather than in a separate panel in the sidebar.


New Features and Improvements

·         A Contextual Quick Tip above the map continuously provides usability tips as you navigate the map.

·          You can sort search results based on a variety of new criteria, providing new ways to review search results.

·         Google Street View (where available) provides an interactive panoramic tour of the neighborhood.

·         New Google Maps API features including Mini-map in lower-right corner.

·         Overall speed improvements in map response, searching, and interacting with search results. Chinese Language Support


We are delighted to announce that the website and the Online Office are now truly trilingual.  In addition to English and French, both now offer Chinese language support!  Today, is the only nationally branded real estate website that can boast this feature! 


Where it makes sense and agents are able -  consumers will be able to access information in either the French or Chinese language. Century 21 is urging  agents to maximize this unique marketing opportunity and create an additional Company or Individual website in that language. 


We urge you to check out these changes and let us know what you think. We are determined to keep improving our sites based on your feedback.

Yours in Okangan Real Estate,

Real Rousseau,
Managing Broker, Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd.


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