Coaching Debut

My coaching debut was a huge success, as the new hockey season is now upon us; my team has a 2-0 to start the year. As a rookie coach I have managed to surround myself with some amazing assistant coaches who make me look good. This year’s draft I planned on building my Pee Wee house team around solid defence and no attitude players. Pick your defence first then build around them. It has worked far. I have accumulated a great squad that have good chemistry and tons of effort. I continuously advise my players that I’m not interested in their skill ..... All I ask for is effort, go out and work hard every shift and try your best. So far the proof is in the bag , but we will see this coming weekend when we battle the other 2-0 team who scored an amazing 26 goals in their first two games. Bring them on my Vernon Blazers are going to be ready. We’re shooting for a 3-0 start

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